Although the Socialists have proposed electronic voting in 200 polling stations, the opposition reacted by continuing to boycott the commission. 

Speaking before the parliamentary group, Prime Minister Edi Rama said the opposition does not accept this proposal because according to him, the Democrat leader has personally said that he wants to allocate power by agreement on the table.

“Now that we have been working to implement electronic voting to in two or three pilot areas for the local elections, but they say the opposition do not want it. What do they want?

“Luli said: "Power on agreement on the table, once you, once I, but it's the only thing I cannot give to Luli... I can give him half my heart but I cannot give the power to him because the citizens will not give the power to him,” said Edi Rama.

Asked about this statement, Lulzim Basha himself categorically denied that he refused such a proposal. Basha said Rama has agreements to co-govern with crime.

“Stupidity and lies to cover the panic that has struck every Albanian who knows that Edi Rama is held in power only through his co-governance with crime. 

“Through the pressure of citizens, opposition and the international factor, the foundations of this power, of this co-governance with crime are shaking.

“I have never wanted and will never ask for power on the table or power with violence. The DP and our coalition will come into government with a free vote. Come in to listen to our platform and to free the election process,” said Lulzim Basha.

The Socialists have recently introduced electoral code amendments drafted by experts and will introduce these changes at a round table tomorrow.