The Socialist and Democratic parties have found common grounds regarding the reduction of spending for electoral campaigns.

Even though the special parliamentary commission for the electoral reform is having difficulties making progress, at the conference organized by the Council of Europe, the parties expressed their readiness to improve the laws.

Meanwhile, CEC Chairman, Klement Zguri underlined that it is unacceptable to continue talking about buying votes.

""The development of luxury election campaigns and the lack of transparency over political financing is an unacceptable phenomenon for a small country like Albania, as it feeds election and political corruption.

"It also affects the public confidence in elections and democracy as a whole," said Klement Zguri.

SP representative, Blendi Çuçi stated work is being done to create the appropriate legislation, adding that excessive spending needs to be reduced.

DP MP, Oerd Bylykbashi had the same opinion as Çuçi, but stressed once again that vote buying should not be allowed.

"Illegal money circulating in the Albanian market is at extraordinary levels. This phenomenon has influenced the election result.

"Political party spending during the electoral period should be reduced. Another problem is that instances of vote buying have not been punished despite denunciations by the DP," exclaimed Bylykbashi.

It was noted that, during the 25 June parliamentary elections, political parties did respected the law by ensuring banners and flags were not displayed in the streets.

The reports denounce violations in regards to the transparency of spending.