President Ilir Meta has expressed the necessity of interconnecting regions especially as, according to him, today the world is faced with unknown challenges.

Participating in the 7th Global Forum of Baku on the topic: "A New Foreign Policy", the Head of the Albanian State said that terrorist threats, climactic changes and other factors are affecting peace in the international arena.

“The new threats of international terrorism have spread with the momentum of the technological revolution and, as such, cyber security is turning into a major challenge for our societies and values.

“Under such circumstances, we must try hard to link our countries and regions in order to successfully overcome these challenges, to increase our security capabilities and to improve our energy and infrastructural connection,” outlined Meta.

Speaking about the challenges specific to the Western Balkans, Meta emphasized the necessity of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, while highlighting Albania's progress towards the European Union.

“We strongly encourage the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia to move forward and for them to reach an agreement that would normalize relations between the two states and eventually lead to mutual recognition,” added Meta.

This forum was participated in by a number of Heads of State and Governments from different countries across the globe.