163 objects that are in the process of legalization and affected by the Outer Ring project will be disqualified by The Agency for Legalization, Urbanization and Integration of Informal Areas and Buildings.

Albania's Road Authority Director, Afrim Qendro, Chief Inspector of the National Inspectorate of Defense of the Territory, Dallëndyshe Bici and the Deputy Mayor of Tirana gave a press conference on the issue today. 

For the past two days, residents of the area of the Technology School at Eagle Square have been protesting, because their facilities will be also demolished.

Afrim Qendro appreciated their concerns, but explained this is a very important project.

“This is a project that will positively impact Tirana for the next 100 years. We have standardized and uniformed it all over. 

“From Shkoza to the Eagle there will be an A category urban project with three lane crossings, one of which is a three-meter-long emergency lane,” explained Afrim Qendro.

The director of the Albanian Road Authority advised as to the reason why intervention happened so quickly.

“Since the conclusion of the tender process, the 4 institutions, the Albanian Road Authority, the Municipality, the Construction Inspectorate, and the Agency for Legalization, all went to identify and verify all objects affected by this project.

“We have some other facilities for which there is no information, either because there were no residents or the residents did not want to provide the relevant information,” continued Afrim Qendro.

When asked how much the project costs, Qendro responded:

“The total length of the Outer Ring is 27 kilometers. Until now it has cost 26.5 billion lekë, while for the project from the Eagle to Shkoza has yet to be forecast.

“For the part from Eagle to Shkoza there was a preliminary project that was made in 2009 that will go through its revision phase and the moment the project has an accurate cost estimate it will be advised,” said Qendro.

Within the week the Construction Inspectorate will go to the ground and will leave all the legal practice.

“We are in the initial phase of identification. All working groups will be on the ground for the initiation of legal procedures until their decision-making,” told Dallëndyshe Bici.

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