The Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration in the meeting of the Tirana Municipal Council followed the same strategy as has been seen on a federal level. 

On the grounds that they believe 6 members of the city council to have been awarded mandates in an illegal manner, they decided to boycott today's municipal council meeting. 

"The court accepted the lawsuit we filed regarding the invalid mandates of six council members. 

"We are sure the court will very quickly see that these mandates were determined illegally and, with the same reasoning, will also undermine the increased price of drinking water in the city of Tirana," said Fatjon Topallaj. 

The mayor expressed his regret for the attitudes of the oppositionmembers. 

"I feel sorry for this situation, but, of course, the elections are next year. We are now finalizing our 3rd year of this mandate. Next year we will remain as candidates in the election and my question is what will be the result?" provoked Erion Veliaj. 

The Majority adopted a set of decisions; firstly relating to property tax, which is currently 100 lekë a month. 

It was determined that no changes will be made until the federal government determines the institution who will collect the tax, be it the Electricity Distribution Operator or not. 

"We agree with the Council to remain unchanged in Tirana until there is a national decision on how the collection of property tax will continue," declared Erion Veliaj.

Meanwhile, a debate broke out with accusations being made that the Municipality spent millions of Euros in order to host the concerts of Rita Ora and Ermal Meta in Tirana.

Mayor Veliaj challenged the skeptics and confirmed if evidence was found to support such claims, he would immediately resign. 

"If the Municipality has spent such money on these artists, I will resign from the municipality. 

"Should you realize that the money spent was similar to that of our friends in Verona, I will continue to be very proud of being able to organize such an event," stated Erion Veliaj. 

Robert Ndrenika, a well renowned artist, and one of the most critical voices regarding the National Theater project, was appointed to lead the National Theater Commission. 

A further decision was made to increase the salary for Ndrenika and all other commission members by 10,000 lekë.

"We also propose to the Council the approval of the salary increase," confirmed Erion Veliaj. 

Salary indexing will be introduced for educators.

"This is about good news for the hundreds of educators in Tirana. It's about raising their salary. 

"Now that the Municipality has even more finances, after the firefighters, we have promised that it would be the educators who receive that which they have anticipated for years. 

"It is our way of saying thank you to them for their sacrifices," said Erion Veliaj.

Regarding tourism, the Municipality of Tirana has reported 300 thousand tourists in 4 months. 

The expectation is that, during the season, the capital will be visited by more than 1 million tourists which equates to a similar number as to the residents of our capital city.