Failure to supply with raw material oil with crude oil has forced dozens of employees of the Ballsh oil processing plant into a protest.

Since over a week ago, this refinery has stopped working since it does not supply enough crude oil, leaving workers unemployed.

With banners in the hands such as "Oil is our life", "We want work," We want crude oil "etc protesting oilmen are heading to the Fier refinery to protest there is a crude oil collection site.

According to oil protesters, the amount of crude oil that should go to Ballsh Refinery should be about 50,000 tons per month while it remains at 20- 22,000 tons, making the required amount insufficient.

According to the employees, the Alpetrol and Bankers companies that have to supply the refinery with raw materials have not implemented the agreements on the supply of crude oil of “Tosk Energy” and “Bylis Energy”.

There are about 1,000 employees of the deep oil processing place in Ballsh who remain unemployed since there are not enough raw materials in this site.

Oil factory employees have warned that if this situation does not get a solution then they will head to the Prime Minister for their rights to operate this factory normally.