June 2019 is not a guaranteed date for the opening of Albania's negotiations with the European Union.

On an official visit to Tirana, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas stated that the countries within the union that remain skeptical of Albania's will only be convinced by concrete results from reforms, with emphasis on that of the justice system. 

He expressed this stance at a meeting with Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati.

"EU Member States have made it clear that June 2019 will not see an automatic opening in terms of accession talks. The criteria for this are clear and known.

"We know the path of reform is painful, but it is also indispensable," said Heiko Maas.

The Border Correction issue was also raised as a topic of discussion between the two counterparts at the Foreign Ministry.

Germany remains unsure about exchange of territories in the Balkans.

"There is a fear of a domino effect in the region, so Germany is skeptical and discreet about the exchange of the territories," said Heiko Maas.

After the Foreign Ministry, Maas stood at the headquarters of the Albanian government where Prime Minister Edi Rama stressed the importance of Germany's support in the integration process.

"We are grateful to German Chancellor for supporting reform in justice and all other reforms related to progress in the function of our EU integration," said Edi Rama.

However, the Head of our Government has not been satisfied as yet. During the joint press conference, he also urged the German Minister to support OSCE leadership.

"We will continue to talk with the Minister and I will repeat a request we have made to receive the federal government's support for Albania's candidacy to run the OSCE.

"We are convinced that this will contribute to and increase the function of dynamics for the region's integration process and would be an motivational incentive for both Albania and the rest of the region," said Edi Rama.

The German diplomat held a meeting with the head of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, where he discussed the political situation and a possible disruption to unblock parliamentary boycott.

Meanwhile, Minister Ditmir Bushati underlined in his speech that the process of screening will begin next week.

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