16 recently graduated magistrates are the only hope for foreign diplomats to clear the justice system from corruption in Albania.

In the absence of the ambassador, Deputy Ambassador of the United States of America, Leyla Moses-Ones, spoke clearly about the fight against corrupt judges and prosecutors, which, according to her, destabilized the justice system.

"The investigations into Saimir Tahiri and Shullazi must continue. The corrupted generation will soon be gone and you need to build a correct system.

"The US will continue to support the fight against judges and prosecutors using their position to enrich themselves," said Leyla Moses-Ones.

Also, the US diplomat urged politics to be engaged on the unlocking the vault of the vetting bodies.

"Politics should work together to pass the draft law on the magistrate's school. The establishment of The Special Anti-Corruption Structure and the National Investigation Bureau should be achieved as soon as possible.

“Tomorrow's justice system depends on the action of the Assembly today," said Leyla Moses-Ones.

Director of the School of Magistrates Sokol Sadushi, during the graduation ceremony, criticized the Parliament, for holding hostage the 16 new magistrates.

“Your task begins here. Give the opportunity to people to appreciate but also to believe, because the time has come for justice that really provides justice, that we have so much missed and needed. I wish you success in your new mission,” said Sokol Sadushi.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court chair Xhezair Zaganjori once again read the manual with the qualities that should have an honest judge or prosecutor to his students.

Even he is still in the process of being vetted after an appeal made by the Special Appellate College for the reconfirmation of duty by Independent Qualification Commission.

“-To be polite

-To always act according to the law

-To stay abreast of legal changes

-To take care of every issue regardless of its importance

-to address and resolve issues with efficiency

-In every case to act with integrity and full independence in solving the case,” said Xhezair Zaganjori.

The new magistrates appealed to Parliament to unblock the draft law on the status of judges and prosecutors so that they can commence their employment.

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