While France, the Netherlands and Denmark are the three remaining states that are still against the opening of Albania's EU negotiations, President Ilir Meta calls for cooperation of political parties in the country to assist with the integration process.

"I believe that there is every possibility for our country to succeed by receiving a positive message.

"The Council of European Union member states are in support of the positive recommendation of the European Commission and for this we all have to engage and work for good.

"These are the expectations not only of our partners but also of the advisors in the most responsible and cooperative way, outside any conflicting spirit or artificial exclusion," said Ilir Meta.

The head of state has refused to comment on the circulating news for the establishment of a center for former ISIS militants in Albania, but stressed that no one would be allowed to affect national security, especially on the eve of the tourist season.

Meta's statements were made by Pustec, while the Prime Ministry reacted yesterday on the ISIS militant center in Albania, stating that there is no idea, request, plan or opportunity for such a thing.

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