Greek media revealed part of the negotiations between Albania and Greece in terms of maritime border issue. 

The news portal underlines that this will open the way for exploration of oilfields. 

Albania and Greece appear to have concluded the agreement for delimiting exclusive economic zones. In addition, the article also raised the detail of the Greek side accepting, for the first time, that 2009's talks with the Berisha government had assessed the maritime borders, in part, using incorrect methodology, a point which has consistently been raised from the Albanian side. 

As Energypress notes, the Greek side has admitted that, during calculations, the maritime bays should be considered closed and therefore provisions under the International Convention on the Law of the Sea should be applied. 

In order to "balance" the acceptance of this error, Energypress sources have said that, under  the new agreement, the Albanian side can not raise any claim on the continental shelf of the Otonoi and Erikousa Islands.