Prime Minister Edi Rama conducted an inspection of the Kukës-Morina axis, where a bridge is being constructed, taking the opportunity to accuse the opposition of concluding work before all the main elements had been completed.

Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the National Highway will have all the security parameters, thanks to the funding that will come from the tolls paid by the drivers, 

“Things were promoted that weren’t done. Debts remained and there were miles left without being done.

“They have completed a large part, but the finalization of this work is very important, because here it was that entire ‘bottleneck’ creating all the accidents and emergency situations. 

“What is most important is that, in parallel with the completion of investments for the National Highway, we will now also have all the security elements thanks to the told paid for using the thoroughfare.

“It is a good thing that there is no kind of feeling of dissatisfaction, on the contrary, there is full understanding and everybody is contributing. 

“On the other hand, the necessity for this contribution is that the government and the maintenance company respond with the maximum correctness, with standards, and certainly with perfect services throughout the highway,” declared Edi Rama.

Meanwhile, Minister Damian Gjiknuri said that with new interventions the problem of accidents will be solved.

“According to official statistics this is a finished road, but, in fact, we are finishing it.

“According to the contract, it will be properly maintained by the concession company, so we will have a very convenient system and ultimately avoid all the problems it has had, even removing it as a source of accidents,” stated Damian Gjiknuri.

The Director of the Albanian Road Authority, Afrim Qendro, promised that the bridge's construction will be completed within a year.

“We are nearing completion of the bridges on the Kukës-Morinë axis. There is a very special bridge, with a very high altitude because of the technological order of the works. 

“We predict that, in the coming year, this bridge will be completed, as well as Bridge number 5 and all the other bridges.

“Also, we have two other contracts. We have a contract from Morina to Bridge 5, at a value of 2.4 billion lekë.

“Meanwhile, from Kukës to Morinë, because of the road safety elements, the community does not communicate with each other.

“We have begun the work and within December we will also set up 3 pedestrian crossings. We have also finally solved the problems for the village of Kobret, which had been isolated by the first project,” explained Afrim Qendro.