Today's General Assembly of the Socialist Party did include purely fluffy and flowery words as is normally witnessed, with the Secretary General, Taulant Balla choosing not to hold back when assessing the party's progress.

Ball declared that the performance of the party is a grey area and that there is still a lot to be done, with every individual presenting opportunities to improve their personal performance and contribution.

"There is still a lot of work for the proper organization of the party" said Taulant Balla.

Although the meeting took place with the aim of changing secretaries, it was decided that those currently in the positions will remain, as well as two additional positions being added.

Teuta Boda, the Deputy Minister of Justice will cover International Relations and Bledi Çuçi, an MP, will cover election issues. Gramoz Ruçi will remain part of the Party's leadership.

"No change to the current seceraties, although Çuçi and Voda have been added" said Taulant Balla.

In the upcoming election, the Socialist Party will rely on their coalition with the citizens in facing the opposition. Therefore it is up to the political leaders of the districts to work even harder than before.

"Leaders of the districts will have the primary responsibilities, even if they are ministers" said Taulant Balla.