US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Wess Mitchell has urged Kosovo and Serbia to comply with all the obligations that have been agreed to as part of the Brussels Agreement. 

From Serbia, where he met with president Aleksandar Vuçiç, Mitchell has guaranteed support from the United States for the creation of the Kosovo Army, while emphasizing that no one has the right to veto on this issue. 

However, President Vucic feels that there is no international legal act that could justify the creation of the Kosovo Armed Forces. 

According to Vuçiç, Serbia will strongly oppose this, a position that has also been clearly expressed to Mitchell.

The Serbian Leader also stated that Belgrade and Washington share different views on the Kosovo issue. However, Vucic praised that Mitchell was willing to hear what Serbia had to say. 

The President accepted that the situation in Kosovo is the biggest obstacle that his country has on the road to the European Union and, for this, it is necessary to discuss and reach compromises. 

But Vucic has a clear message for the internationals, stressing that Belgrade will not accept a solution that humiliates Serbia or leads to the destruction of their state.

The President recalled that Serbia has fulfilled all the obligations of the Brussels Agreement, but Albanians are those who have not taken any steps in fulfilling the obligations, yet are not being pressured by the internationals over this fact.