The hearing requested with the Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj, regarding the extradition of Nezar Seiti, a suspected financier of the Habilaj group, ended with an announcement by DP MP, Enkelejd Alibeaj of her intention to deposit a criminal report against Minister Gjonaj for abuse of office. 

Responding to Alibeaj's inquiry as to whether or not there was any official request for an investigation into Nezar Seiti, Minister Gjonaj replied that there was not. However, according to Alibeaj, the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office did make such a request. 

"The Justice Minister should have conducted the appropriate verifications before deciding to extradite Nezar Seiti. "She hurriedly extradited him, but in doing so was not respecting the law. The financier of the Habilai gang was the only mouth willing to speak," said Alibeaj. 

Minister Etilda Gjonaj called the hearing a political assault, arising from the fear of justice reform.  According to the minister, when two states have criminal proceedings against the same citizen, priority is given to the one that is at the most advanced stage in the process.  

"I have not been called for a legal debate but for an ingenuine political motive. You seek a cause that does not exist.  "For Seiti, the same legal procedure has been followed as in many cases in many previous years," said Gjonaj. 

This position was rejected by MP Alibeaj, who said that according to the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Albanian prosecution takes priority and Nezar Seiti should not have been extradited.