Miners protested in front of the Prime Ministry to seek approval of their special status for governmental purposes. 

The draft for this was prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, together with interest groups, in 2017, but has not yet been fully enacted by the government, with arguments of major financial effects on the budget.

Their proposals require the increase of the pension amount to 30 thousand lekë per month, from the current offering of 16 thousand lekë. Priority is given in the draft to the individuals who retired before the year 2000. 

They also demand free periodical health checks twice a year, as well as a priority for social policies such as housing. In their protest, the miners submitted some additional claims.

The police did not approve the request for permission to conduct the protest. Its organizers, unionists Taf Koleci and Kol Nikolla, were accompanied by officers of police station number 1 on the grounds that they organized an illegal rally. 

The trade unions of miners and land employees are separate. Some of them joined in on this action, while others were called on Tuesday at 10 o'clock for an upcoming protest, where the miners have not ruled out the possibility of a hunger strike.

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