Minister of Education Lindita Nikolla held another conference for the media today, this time saying she wholeheartedly approves the demands of the students.

She said that the students protest served as a reflection of the exhaustive debate that took place inside the University.

“I am very pleased to have received an encouraging response from some of the student Councils.

“It is true that we have been working for a long time to encourage greater engagement among students for the implementation of the Reform in higher education.

“We seek to modernize not only the financial aspects, but all aspects across the entire higher education system.

“This student’s protest showed how little information they are receiving and how poor the communication lines are with the students.

“So, I believe that this was a worth protest to encourage greater reflection and served as a catalyst to end the exhaustive debates within the Universities,” declared Lindita Nikolla.

“I have received a request from the Student Councils and I am happy to approve it by signing my name with both hands,” added Minister Nikolla. 

The students list of demands included four main points, the first being the retraction of the fee for failing a university. 

This was followed by the demand to provide the Higher Education Board with the same weight in voting as the Ministry of Education in joint decision making, improving conditions in student dormitories and reducing tuition fees by half. 

In her more detailed response, the Minister of Education stated that the fee will be retracted immediately, whilst the 2nd, 3rd and 4th points require the formation of working groups to be addressed. 

“I agree and believe that this is the right way to improve a lot. 

“Above all, we aim to create an environment of healthy dialogue between the administration boards, the Ministry and every other contributor to the life of the University. 

“We must be able to debate transparently with the students for everything that is decided on for the University,” concluded Nikolla.