The Greek President has recently maintained a consistent point on the agenda of meetings with counterparts from other states.  The Head of the Greek Republic is extremely focused on discussing problems with neighbors Turkey, Macedonia and Albania.   

The meeting with the Georgian President, held at the Presidential Palace in Athens, was no exception.  The Greek president announced that Greece wants Albania's membership in the EU and NATO, seeming to forget that Albania has, in fact, been a member of the NATO Alliance for the past nine years. 

Reiterated that neighboring countries should respect international law and European values, such as the right to property and rights of minority, the Greek President then touched on Tirana's request to resolve the Cham issue. 

"I believe that Albania's political leadership is making a big mistake in supporting the supposed rights of some Albanians who were collaborators of the Nazis during the Nazi occupation of Greece. 

 "Wanting to be amember of NATO and the EU and claiming the non-existent rights of the Nazis, well I do not believe it shows a serious European perspective. 

 "When an alternative attitude is adopted, Greece will be here to help the neighboring country into the EU," stated the Greek President.  

President Meta gave a response today in an interview for the "Albanian Daily News", stating that the stance of his Greek counterpart does not bring positive energy, explaining:  "Of course there may be certain issues for which we can share different stances, but that does not mean to lose calm in communicating with one another, nor to compromise on comprehensive alliance between our countries."