During his visit to Calabria, the President of Republic Ilir Meta visited a business to meet with the leaders and members of the Calabria of Unindustria, a member of Confindustria in Italy.

Meta said that even today, after 27 years, Albania has failed to meet the aspirations of European integration.

“Today, after nearly 27 years of democracy, the country has made progress in many directions even though our aspirations and expectations to build a European Albania have not yet been met,” said Ilir Meta.

During the meeting, Italian entrepreneurs underlined the great interest in expanding their market to sell their products in Albania, for which they received a guarantee from the head of state.

“We do still have a lot of potential to increase trade volumes and attract more Italian private investors into sectors such as energy, tourism, infrastructure and manufacturing, agriculture, agro-tourism and financial services,” said Ilir Meta.

For three days the Head of State is in Calabria, where he has attended meetings with the Arbëresh community there and with his counterpart, Sergio Matarella.

/Ora News.tv/