President Ilir Meta travelled on foot from his office to the Assembly, appearing before the Inquiry Commission set up for his dismissal at 9:55am.

In front of the cameras he appeared calm, a calm that would go on to characterize his entire 120 minute hearing before the Socialists and New Opposition lawmakers.


The Head of State listed basic reasons that, according to him, pushed him to repeal his decree on the June 30th elections. The first relates to the constitution.

“The annulment of the June 30 elections has been guided by my responsibilities as President, as Head of State, as Head of the Security Council and as a representative of the people.

“The Constitution, unbelievably harmed from April 2008 onwards, was a Constitution to prevent a second '97. In this regard, the President has not bothered to meet the whims of the opposition, but has aimed at guaranteeing a comprehensive election process.

“It was a very sincere attempt, besides security-related reasons, to avoid a civil clash and aimed at the avoidance of long-term integration penalties,” explained President Meta.

The other argument is that he defended the right to vote, raising the case of Bulgaria being fined by the Strasbourg Court for failing to protect the voting rights of their citizens.

“The vote of every person eligible should create the opportunity to influence the formation of legislative bodies. Otherwise the right to vote, the election process and, consequently, democratic order would lack the right to its substance," added the President.

The President answered numerous questions from lawmakers from the ruling majority and the opposition as to the possibility that his decision might be a conflict of interest because of his wife, Monika Kryemadhi, to which he chose to respond with sarcasm and irony, especially towards members of the New Opposition.

The Head of State concluded his parliamentary visit by having coffee with the Speaker, Gramoz Ruçi.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rama followed the events of the hearing from the Speaker's office, before meeting with Sandër Lleshaj and Taulant Balla.