The now-former Head of Elbasan's Prosecution  Office, released from duty yesterday by order of the Acting Chief Prosecutor, Arta Marku, has made the decision today to approach the courts over the matter.

Dritan Gina appeared at the Court of Serious Crime in and made accusations resulting in an indictment against Marku.

In a communication with the media, Gina said that the decision of the General Prosecutor was not in line with any legal criteria.

Meanwhile, in the charge against the Chief Prosecutor, Gina says that there has been constant pressure against him and his wife Rovena Gashi.

"My wife, Rovena Gashi, was the Head of the Directorate of Foreign Jurisdictional Relations in the General Prosecutor's Office until Arta Marku decided otherwise.

My wife appeared on the 8th of January, 2018 in the Administrative Court, to charge the Acting Chief Prosecutor for this unlawful decision against her. Appropriate legal avenues have been my wife's only form of vengeance.

"On Tuesday the 9th of January, in yet another direct attack, Marku as informed me in writing of the order for my "Commanding Termination" explains Gina in his indictment.  

Asked whether he would accept a new job within Tirana's Prosecution, Gina hinted that he would be willing to take on such an opportunity .