Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has taken on the statement of the Greek Defense Minister, who yesterday said that his country will soon expand its maritime borders. 

This enlargement, Berisha said, will be at the expense of Albania, and, for that, the negotiating group for the maritime agreement must be held responsible. 

According to him they have closed the agreement in favor of our neighbors, without provisions for an economic zone. 

"This is the truth of the criminal silence, the acts of national betrayal being performed these days, and this is one of the causes of coup d'état in a state. 

"However, as you know, the agreement must necessarily pass through the Constitutional Court," said Sali Berisha.

In response to Berisha, the Chair of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, said the issue of the maritime border with Greece is a nightmare for Berisha who cannot escape from the national betrayal of the previous agreement formulated under his watch. 

"I say very clearly, the only traitor in the deal with Greece is you, Sali," retorted Taulant Balla.

A day earlier, Greece's Defense Minister announced that his country would soon expand the maritime border, but without specifying concrete parameters.