Today, the Interior Minister, Sandër Lleshaj, ordered all police directors to be careful, as there are attempts to reactivate cannabis cultivation.

He said that up until June 15 every root of cannabis captured will be to their merit; however after that date everything captured is their direct responsibility.

“The war is not over. We have had successful battles thanks to the dedication of the structures, but this is not a reason to relax.

“We require greater engagement and the strengthening of efforts in order to stop every attempt to reactivate the cultivation of this narcotic plant.

“Our agencies are committed to the process of getting information aimed at identifying every effort. I mean, despite the successes, the potential for reactivation of this phenomenon exists, though in the embryonic form.

“There are discontinuous efforts in some districts where certain criminal elements try to exploit the fog created to conduct criminal activity.

“Strong measures have been taken to develop a major information process to develop proactive investigations.

“The need for increased vigilance is very present. Also the information coming from the citizens invites us for added attention in this area.

“The success we have had needs to be further deepened and strict control of the territory is required.

“Each plant and each seed that is seized up until the 15th of June is to your merit, the merit of the director of Police, the leaders of the territorial branches and so on.

“Those that remain after June 15 are the responsibility of each of you and your people. After this date, what you find is your direct responsibility,” explained Minister Lleshaj.