Citizens' access to knowledge of the law is fundamental in order to guarantee an effective justice system. 

In this context, a strategy for the legal education of the public has been drafted, through which the aim is to inform citizens of the new laws that have arisen as a result of justice reform. At a consultation table with representatives of civil society, the Deputy Chair of the Assembly, Vasilika Hysi said this strategy could help improves citizens' ability to utilize institutions appropriately. 

"I am sorry to say that, although it has been two years since it came into force, a good part of the laws relating to the organization and functioning of justice… citizens do not manage to use those facilities or access that the laws that have been enabled.  "Better education in this way would avoid long and costly processes," explained Hysi. 

For Vasilka Hysi, the challenge for the legal education strategy remains the budget. 

"One challenge we have isbudgeting because this strategy has a cost," she stated.  

This is the first national strategy for legal education of the public and it is expected to be approved by March this year.  After its adoption by the Assembly, work will be set up for the establishment of the network of employees, as well as their training.