Opposition parties the "Democratic League of Kosovo" and the "Vetëvendosja Movement" are giving signs of a possible formation of a government coalition after the autumn elections.

At the end of the private meeting between the leaders of the two groups, Albin Kurti advised that he and his counterpart, Isa Mustafa, had left behind old divisions to benefit the political and economic situation in the country and, ultimately, to allow the country to emerge from the current crisis in a decisive vote next week.

“On August 22, our two parliamentary groups will be fully constituted to dissolve the Assembly and pave the way for new democratic elections.

“We concluded that hope is now being restored to the citizens for a future with justice and progress,” said Albin Kurti.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister in duty, Ramush Haradinaj, has not hidden his desire for a new mandate.

Through social networks, he denounced the making of political compromises, an indirect attack on the two largest opposition groups.

“Subjugation to personal and group interests, compromises integrity and creates unsustainable policies that conflict with vital national interests, which result in tragic consequences for our country and our future!” said Haradinaj.

Meanwhile early elections dominate the political parties' agenda in Pristina. The future Prime Minister's challenge remains addressing of the status quo with Serbia.

In a joint statement, five diplomats of the United States, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom appealed to Pristina and Belgrade remove bilateral obstacles such as tariffs and non-recognition campaigns, and engage in dialogue, led by the European Union, as soon as possible.

/Ora News.tv/