President Ilir Meta has refused for the second time the majority by returning for revision the law for the construction of the new theater.

Although majority introduced some changes to the law, the presidency argues that none of them has managed to resolve the constitutional and legal issues and problems identified in the first decree.

“Although the Parliament has tried to fulfill only one of the constitutional findings of the President of the Republic of Albania, dealing with the preferential and unequal treatment of a private subject, again with the new law adopted, the Parliament results that it has not reached to solve this issue”, said Ilir Meta.

President Ilir Meta also argues that the law is again with constitutional problems and basically the provisions contain discriminatory criteria that do not guarantee free competition.

“These findings make this law fall in controversy again with the application of the constitutional principles of "equality before the law" and "freedom of economic activity of citizens", violating the rule of law itself,” said Ilir Meta.

During the time when the president published arguments against the new building law, the parliament was in plenary session.

Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro refused to comment on the decision of the Head of State.

But it was the chair of the Socialist Party group, Taulant Balla, who used a statement by President Meta to emphasize that the decree would be subject to parliamentary procedure.

“We are serious in relations with the institution of the President of the Republic and we will consider with equal seriousness, calmness and love the proposal coming from the President,” said Taulant Balla.