Today's meeting of the Law Commission did not offer any surprises, The opposition MPs were present at the meeting and, as such, the discussions continued to focus on the Xhafaj case, amid allegations that the government is linked to crime and corruption.

Referring to foreign media, despite the fact that there has still been no official reaction from the government, opposition MPs expressed their concern about the potential establishment of a Refugee Camp in Albania. 

According to Democrats, the information provided by the foreign media contradicts the position of the executive head of government, suggesting the Prime Minister is looking to his personal interests at the expense of the Albanian people.

Democratic Party MP, Enkelejd Alibeaj, gave a speech listing the issues that, according to him, should be part of the Commission's work calendar, but that were rejected by the majority, alluding to the possibility of that such action would bring back the phenomenon of human trafficking to our state.

"Police and police chiefs have just the virtue to cooperate with crime. Drug-transporting speedboats are now readied and warm to begin the transport of refugees. 

"The Prime Minister's agenda is no longer how to build the state, to deliver the justice reform or to provide evidence that partners demand of us, such as evidence that justice was operated on Saimir Tahiri and on Fatmir Xhafaj. 

"The Prime Minister's agenda has left out any element of public interest," said Enkelejd Alibeaj.

According to Alibeaj, Rama is selling everything just to retain his chair, and he did not leave out the issue of the National Theater.

"And cherry on the cake, he ruins the National Theater in order to build high-reaching towers," complained Enkelejd Alibeaj.

According to the DP MP, that which has been sold as a positive reform has actually cut the arms of Albanians' in reference to being able to find justice.

But for the head of the Law Commission, Socialist Party MP, Ulsi Manja, the opposition's concern is simply a reaction to a false alarm.

The government itself has not given an official answer, but it seems that this is already subject to debate between majority and opposition based on the guidance the Head of the DP gave to his MPs. 

The debates will continue focus on the Xhafaj case, the reform in justice and now, the possibility of establishing a refugee camp. 

International media such as Le Monde and the Daily Mail have written about the establishment of a potential refugee camp in Albania or Kosovo to stop them from transiting from our lands into the European Union.