Prime Minister Edi Rama was very enthusiastic today at Shishtavec, from where he declared that the construction and operation of the Kukës Airport will transform the area into one of the mountain's tourism role models.

Rama said that the construction of Kukës Airport will start at the beginning of the next year and, according to a study, this airport is expected to have an average turnover of 300,000 passengers a year.

“I strongly believe that in this area we will see the first models of mountain tourism development, because here in Kukës, I believe that in the beginning of next year the construction of Kukës Airport will begin.

“The existing airport will be completely transformed into an airport of international standards for low fare flights.

“The study that we have conducted with foreign experts has encouraged us a lot. 

“I am very excited because all the analyses made according to professional forecasting methods for the success of a business show that Kukës airport will move an average of 300,000 passengers annually,” said Edi Rama.

In the usual style of our current Prime Minister, he was sure to raise the joke made by former SP MP for the Municipality of Kamëz, Safet Gjici, during their conversation.

“Imagine what that means, 300,000 people moving through Kukës in order to fly abroad or to come here.

“I talked with Safet about it and, amid laughter; he mentioned that’s 300,000 more coffees served in Kukës. 

“It was said as a way of depicting that the airport brings consumer growth, investment and above all it makes it many things simpler and many things more possible,” concluded Edi Rama.