Apparently Monika Kryemadhi has decided to turn strongly the Socialist Movement for Integration steering wheel to the left. The Chair of the Socialist Movement for Integration, in one of the strongest statements she has made in the two years since she has held this position, has not left the battle against Edi Rama's oligarchs only with rhetoric attacks. She proposed to her militants and the Albanian citizens the extreme measure of boycotting the oligarchs' products.

"Don't buy food at their malls, don't buy clothing at their signature shops, don't use big company taxis, but choose neighborhood stores, your neighbors and drivers who work to provide food for their families," said Kryemadhi at the rally for the 15th anniversary of the creation of the SMI.

The subtext of this statement is very clear. After speaking out against concessions and denouncing the prime minister sharing public money with a group of ten, oligarchs, Kryemadhi thought it was time for real and concrete initiatives.

And she has taken the step that her Democratic Party partners, no matter how rhetorical, dare not take even in their boldest dreams.

If Rama does not withdraw from the distribution of common wealth only in a few hands, if those who benefit return the favor in various financial and media support forms, then if the Prime Minister is in solidarity with the oligarchs, it is up to the Albanians to show solidarity with each other. And this is not a matter of political support or voting, but simply a human solidarity to cope with poverty.

The leader of the SMI accompanied these strong stances with the criticism she made to the chief of the Socialist Party that he had diverted the SP from the left: “The Renaissance no longer has any meeting point with any ideology, especially with the left. Rama's Renaissance will be remembered as the biggest traitor of the Albanian left,” she said, emphasizing Rama's connection with the oligarchs.

While the SMI program still has a lot of ideological ambiguity, as tax cuts are being sought even for the rich and 10% flat tax returns, it seems that this party which emerged out of the Socialist Party is trying to exploit the dreaded vacuum which of the left of the Albanian political spectrum.

Its appeal to boycott oligarchs' products and return the solidarity of the poor and to one another is not only an attempt to distance itself from the idea that all Albanian parties work for a wealthy caste, it will not only reinforce a new class division in the country, between those who kidnap everything and those who loose day by day, but above all, is at the heart of today's political conflict, as it is simply theatrical to fight Edi Rama, get out of parliament and to anathematize the system, by being friendly to its only allies, those who get rich with it.

Therefore, the strongest call that Kryemadhi has made as Chair of the political force she leads, the boycott of oligarchs' products, is an ideological and pragmatic move. If she sticks to it, it means that she is guiding the SMI into the real path of a real opposition that has captured the essential problem of society: the problem of the widening of the gap between rich and poor during the period of Edi Rama’s Renaissance.