Awakening from a rather lethargic sleep after the December protests, students of the “Fan Noli” University in Korça returned to demonstrating over concerns regarding Higher Education.

They assert that the "Pact for the University", launched by Prime Minister Rama, is not being implemented. As such, vetting of professors, as well problems with employment potential, remain the major requirements.

“Today's protest is a “reawakening” from the lethargy that students had fallen into following the December protest.

“We gave the government time to implement the pact for universities as was promised to us, but the benefits of this pact are still yet to be seen,” said one student.

According to them, there are two main reasons for returning to protest, those being greater investment in education and the creation of new jobs.

“Today, we protested for an hour, but in the coming days we will escalate the protest action,” expressed another student.

Referring to the protest as a right of the students, the Dean, Ali Jashari, stressed that the opening of 15 new branches is to adapt to the labour market.

“Considering the advantages of the development in the Korça region, we responded directly to this concern of students.

“The legal basis for assessing titles and grades of lecturers is being prepared, and I believe the process will be completed very soon,” said Jashari.

Korça's students, on the other hand, warned of the escalation of protest action if they did not see tangible changes in the short term.

In January, the Government launched the Pact for Universities, but students say they are still yet to see any benefit from it.