Today, Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the government expects the conclusion of the project for the reconstruction of the Tirana-Durrës highway in July.

He added that passage on this Highway will be accepted only with the payment of a toll after that time. Those who wish to travel without paying for use of the road will benefit from the Ndroq Rd being reconstructed.

"Tirana-Durrës highway is not a road that simply deserves maintenance, but it has the necessity of reconstruction and expansion.

"We want to realize the reconstruction and expansion to shorten the time between Tirana and Durrës and improve safety in the movement on the existing axis. A tariff will be applied to achieve this.

"Meanwhile, the reconstruction of the degraded Tirana-Ndroq-Plepa axis will also be completed and passage will be without toll. This also opens up a perspective for the further development of agro-tourism," explained Edi Rama.

Introducing infrastructure projects as part of the reconstruction package, the chief of government stated that in Durrës the first terminal for cruise ships will be constructed.

"We are discussing the cruise terminal system. We do not have a terminal for cruises, though the level of interest is extraordinary. Durrës is the best place to build the first cruise terminal according to the standards." said Edi Rama.

The "Valiera" project has sparked strong debates on the pros and cons and not only in Durrës.

The prime minister is clearly positioned in support, calling the environmentalists who have opposed it "charlatans". In addition, he referred to the situation of some judges being involved in opposing debates as "embarrassing stories".

"We will transform the promenade of Durrës. We will upgrade it to the same standard as we did the promenades of Himara and Vlora," added Edi Rama.

Another important decision announced by Rama was for the rubbish of Durrës to be handled by the landfill of Tirana, setting the deadline as autumn of next year for the field of waste to be returned to a park.