The President of the Republic has not only refused to decree a Foreign Minister, but Ilir Meta wants to go to great lengths to confirm his suspicion that the Classified Information Security Directorate has indeed violated the law.

Through a letter, the Head of State urged the Speaker of Parliament and the heads of parliamentary groups to initiate an administrative investigation to determine how it was possible, within a day, for the Classified Information Security Directorate to performed all the checks and verifications for Gent Cakaj to receive his security certificates.

This fact is supported by the President in a correspondence with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the Classified Information Security Directorate itself.

The Ministry for European and Foreign Affairs confirms that, on the 3rd of January 2019, the institution forwarded Gent Cakaj to the Classified Information Security Directorate and provided him with the relevant security certificates one day later.

In the form outlining how the security verification process took place for Mr. Cakaj, it did not guarantee the validation of Security Certificates issued by the Classified Information Security Directorate.

The President has raised serious doubts about the 24-hour verification process and the unethical operations of DSIK, especially when verification had to be extended to partner organizations in Kosovo.

Therefore, Meta's call also goes to every MP of the Assembly to set up an investigative commission and to investigate this process.

The President of the Republic requested MPs of the Assembly to evaluate these findings with the purpose of establishing, according to the law, a Parliamentary Investigation Committee for the deployment of DSIK activities on the process of security verification for Gent Cakaj, deputy Minister for European and Foreign Affairs.

At the same time, opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, said he would seek a parliamentary investigation not only for DSIK, but also for the Prime Minister and all the institutions involved in this case.

The establishment of an Investigative Committee in the Assembly can be granted after the request among one-fifth of the deputies or 28 deputies in total.