Three days after the launch of construction projects in the Tirana-Qafë-Kashar segment, the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri, evaluated the work on the construction of two manholes that will presumable solve the flood problem.

According to the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, this intervention solves the constant flood problem due to heavy rainfall.

“With this investment, we can finally fix the problem that citizens have encountered not only last year but also over a number of years prior.

“The investment is part of the larger Road Rehabilitation Program. Last year, the Road Rehabilitation Program set in motion and it was possible to invest over 25 million Euros,” said Gjiknuri.

In the segment near the Kashar overpass, two large manholes will be located, which together, with the cleaning of the canals, will prevent a significant amount of rainfall creating flooded conditions along the highway.

The value of the investment being carried out along this axis amounts to 342,000 Euros without VAT.