The majority's proposal to set conditions for the prosecution in cases requiring investigations into the actions of an MP has begun to be examined in cooperation with the new parliamentary opposition.

In the draft, presented two years ago, it is foreseen that the charging authority cannot demand the prohibition or prosecution of an MP without convincing evidence.

The majority and the new parliamentary opposition have begun discussing the changes in the Assembly.

While the leader of the Socialist Party Parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, promised he would not pass this draft without the Democratic Party’s approval, it seems that, after the withdrawal of mandates, everything has changed.

In the Draft on the Amendments to the Rules of the Assembly, the Socialists seek restitution of constitutional protection from investigations, where the Socialist Party has proposed conditions on the prosecution.

Upon revision of Article 118 the investigation or arrest of an MP may not be requested without the submission of compelling evidence before the Council of Legislation and Mandates in the Assembly.

This debate took place also in the wake of the case against former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri. The proposals have faced antagonism from opposition MPs.