Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund, Tao Zhang warns great care must be taken with the reforms and PPPs.

This was the message given during the meeting held amongst the Top Guns of the financial institutions.

Zhang suggested to the Governor of the Bank of Albania that reforms should continue, as they have a positive impact on the growth of the economy.

 "Albania should continue with reforms to grow the economy," declared Zhang.

 The head of the Central Bank presented the IMF official with the initiative from the Bank of Albania to reduce the prevalence of Euros in the country.

It is considered a very important initiative in strengthening the financial stability of the country.

Zhang, during the meeting with the head of finance, reiterated his appeal for great care to be taken with PPPs, while offering unwavering support to the Albanian government.

 "Improve the climate of doing business in order to obtain greater investment," said Zhang.

 The Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund enjoyed a two day visit to Albania this 12-13 February 2018.