Three health centers have extended their opening hours to 24 hours, 7 days a week as of the 1st of June on Vlora's coast as the city expects the highest number of tourists ever this current season. 

They 'always open' clinics have been set up at the areas of "Plazhi i Ri", "Plazhi i Vjetër" and Zvërnec. Doctor Elona Gjergji, who services the "Plazhi i Vjetër" Health Center, said there is also an outpatient service and that all the tools and medicines needed for first aid are in stock.  

"The service started on June 1st and will operate until September 15th. We offer a 24-hour service, with two doctors and nurses," confirmed Elona Gjergji. 

The tourist season has started, but the coast is still receiving the expected influx of tourists due to theunpredictable weather that has characterized these recent days.  Therefore, during this period, patients who have used this health center are mostly residents of the area.  

"So far most have been residents of the area; holidaymakers have been few and far between simply because they remain scarce in general," added Elona Gjergji. 

19 new doctors and nurses have been employed jsut for the tourist season to work in the summer health centers.  Meanwhile, 17 ambulances are projected to stay along the coastline to provide first aid and carry patients to the nearest hospitals.  

This year has also seen improvements to the signage of health centers, ensuring that directions and contact numbers are visible from national and urban roads as well as near the centers themselves.  

The Health Ministry's plan of measures for the tourist season are all aimed at avoiding victims suffering on Albanian beaches due to a lack of available first aid.