Prime Minister, Edi Rama accused the Democratic Party of calling a motion to discuss Albania's vote at the United Nations on Jerusalem 2 months ago as a further display of their fear of justice reform.  

Rama said the Democrats are scared of the Vetting process and the new justice bodies. 

"You are scared. Vetting separates you from the USA," declared Edi Rama. 

In response, Opposition Leader Lulzim Basha said that the reform was destroyed as a result of Edi Rama capturing justice and called on citizens to take over their fate. 

"Justice has been captured, but the Opposition on the side of the citizens." said Lulzim Basha. 

Even former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha warned of protests for which, according to him, the Prime Minister is fearful. 

"Where did you hide during the protest on January 27?" asked Sali Berisha, rhetorically.