The Serious Crimes Court has postponed the first hearing for the trial of the Habilaj group, accused of drug trafficking in Albania.

The reason for the postponement of the trial against the group is that only one member has so far been arrested in Albania, Armando Koçerri, while the other defendants remain absent due to being imprisoned in Italy.

After the absence of these persons at the hearing was determined, the Court decided to make their announcement about the trial process advising that the hearing would be postponed to April 30th.

For two years, Moisi Habilaj and a part of his group have been detained in Italy awaiting trial for the same penal offenses for which they have been charged in Albania.

The Court has sought assistance from Interpol help, but as yet have not received a response regarding the notification for the named defendants.

Also implicated in this case is the former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri, whose name was mentioned in conversations tapped during investigations as a supporter of the Habilaj group, led by cousins Moisi and Artan Habilaj.