The green terrace project in the capital will be extended to public and private buildings, with the Municipality of Tirana providing co-funding. 

From piloting the terrace idea at the Municipality of Tirana, another green terrace has since been added to the capital, at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanization.

"Many of the public buildings in Tirana such as ministries, institutions or directorates could have a mini-park created on the rooftop. 

"Today we are all talking about orbital and vertical forests, so let's start the conversation as to how can we build a green oasis on the roof of each of the public buildings." said Erion Veliaj.

For the realization of this project that is a novelty for the country, the Municipality of Tirana is considering some proposals.

"The first proposal is to begin with all public buildings, and then to follow on with private buildings. 

"The second proposal is to prioritize green terraces at private buildings through co-funding. In private buildings, this can be done with the community fund, where the elected building administrator can come to apply. 

"We will provide manuals on how the green terrace can be created and then offer co-funding for its realization through a 50-50 partnership between the Municipality and the residents," said Erion Veliaj.

Veliaj called on citizens of Tirana, in co-operation with elected administrators, to apply for such projects, which will not only improve the aesthetics of the buildings, but also the quality of air in our capital.