After joining the 400 KW interconnection line that is expected to be constructed soon, Albania and Macedonia have started work for a connected gas network as well. 

Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri, hosted the Minister of Economy for the Republic of Macedonia Kreshnik Bekteshi for an official meeting. 

Minister Damian Gjiknuri said that the two countries now head towards the final stages the tendering process for building the 400 KW interconnection line and in this example should be followed with the gas.

"This signature between our two gas companies is extremely necessary.

"We have the opportunity, with this joint project, for a cooperation that will also be eligible for EU financial support, as it is an agenda fully compatible with both the Berlin process and the regional connectivity agenda.

"I am convinced that this pipeline connection will be of great importance for both countries.

"It will be a very feasible project because we are very close geographically, which causes the project to have a lower cost but the benefits to be great," said Damian Gjiknuri.

Meanwhile, the Macedonian Minister stressed that the work of technical groups should be launched as soon as possible.

"Taking into account the Berlin process, we as two neighboring countries integrate, we connect to each other not only with the superstructure, but at the same time we start the steps for gas connection.

"I would like to emphasize the fact that we are more than interested in strengthening cooperation and I want both companies to work as soon as possible," said Kreshnik Bekteshi.

Albgaz and Mer JSC Skopje also signed a memorandum that foresees the establishment of a joint working group for the gas, tasked with evaluating and drafting the project idea for the interconnection line between the two countries.

It also provides for the definition of technical parameters; harmonization of the studies of both countries and preparation of a final document where the corridor presentation is presented as a single.

After, the application to the Energy Secretariat will be made in order to place the project on the Projects of Energy Community Interest (PECI) and Projects of Mutual Interest (PMI) lists.