The subjects that produce and trade livestock products from meat to dairy have become a primary focus of the National Food Authority Controls in Elbasan due to the purported dangers that consumers may have during these hot summer days.

Out of 83 inspections carried out in the month of July alone, 15 administrative measures were taken, where in two cases the product was seized.

According to the National Food Authority, a high level attention is being dedicated to monitoring businesses in tourist populated areas.

The NFA director in Elbasan, Firdus Kurti issued a statement saying “All the restaurants where there is a high traffic of tourism will be monitored.”

But despite the verification being carried out by authorities, it is required that citizens themselves take precaution.

“Choose carefully the place where buy your food and thoroughly check any labels or accompanying documentation!” stated the National Food Authority.

Kurti then went on to say: “Products of animal origin are products that quickly rot during this period of time and proper conditions of their storage must be maintained. One must also pay careful attention to their expiration dates,”

In cooperation with other institutions, the National Food Authority states that the fight against corruption in this sector continues, with particular importance for the quality of the product that ends on the consumer's table.