Albanian agricultural products are safe. This was the message given by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Bledi Çuçi during a visit to a greenhouse in Bishan of Vlora.

The Minister closely inspected a family business with nearly a 20-year tradition, where thousands of tons of tomatoes are cultivated for both the domestic market and for export.

According to Çuçi, Albanian products are 100% safe and are not impacted by genetic modifications or the use of hormones.

“Albanian products are safe and tasty. Albanians should be proud of these products, which are exported across Europe.

“There are no hormones in these products. Of the 300,000 tons of agricultural products we exported during 2018, not a single truck was returned to its country of origin.

“This is of great significance when assessing the quality of the products. I invite all Albanians to consume these products,” said Minister Bledi Çuçi.

Over the last year, Albania exported more tomatoes than any other country in the region and was ranked among the top 20 countries in the world for export of tomatoes.

To prevent dishonest producers from selling and to punish those who violate food safety regulations, amendments and punitive measures are expected to be approved in the coming weeks.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as its subordinate institutions, will not allow anyone who compromises food safety to endanger the health of consumers.