Member of the Constitutional Court, Fatos Lulo will be the first judge to face the Independent Qualification Commission to provide clarification regarding the violations found during his re-evaluation process.

The Independent Qualification Commission informs that the hearing will take place on March 21 at 11:00, by a panel composed of Genta Tafa, Brunilda Bekteshi and Etleda Çiftja. 

The violations found relating to the judge of the Constitutional Court have not been divulged, but sources told Ora News that he has been made aware of the process and has also contacted a lawyer.

Lulo is one of the 63 subjects that were first to undergo the process of re-evaluation for prosecutors and judges. 

A few weeks ago, former Constitutional Court member Besnik Imeri and former General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla were withdrawn from this process, after the Commission decided to stop Vetting.

Meanwhile, hearings are expected to take place in the coming days with other people as well, including senior judiciary leaders for which the commission has found violations, mainly regarding the declaration of their assets.