The lifeless body of Major Klodian Tanushi, proclaimed a ‘Martyr of Homeland’ after passing away from injuries sustained during a mine explosion while on a NATO mission in Latvia, has now arrived home.

His coffin, covered in the Albanian flag, was carried by his colleagues, while Defense Minister Olta Xhaçka, Armed Forces Chief of General Staff, Bardhyl Kollçaku and Tanushi's parents and spouse gathered at Rinas Airport to receive Tanushi's body.

The explosion of a mine in the "Adazi" camp of Latvia took the lives of two Albanian soldiers, Zarife Hasanaj and Klodian Tanushi, the latter who was a commander of the Albanian contingent.

Major Tanushi passed away four days after the serious event in one of Latvia's hospitals due to the multiple injuries he sustained.

A memorial service for the commander of the Albanian contingent in Latvia will be held tomorrow at the National History Museum from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

After the state ceremony, Major Tanushi will be given his last farewell at the Martyrs Cemetery in Tirana, where he will be eternally laid.