Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri, together with the Director of Albanian Road Authority, Afrim Qendro, inspected the works being carried out for the rehabilitation of the two segments of the Fier Ring, considered as problematic for the circulation of vehicles.

The segment from Patos to the area near the former QTU Fier, after the works of the substations and the repair of the sewerage systems, is now in the final phase of asphalting.

Minister Gjiknuri said that this segment will be open for vehicle circulation before nightfall tomorrow.

"Two weeks ago we were here to mark the beginning of the works for intervention in this very important axis, that had been neglected for many years.

"As you can see, this segment of the ring is now fully transformed by taking the appearance of a road of appropriate standards."

"Within 24 hours the work for laying the asphalt will be completed and circulation of vehicles will be allowed once again," said Damian Gjiknuri.

Meanwhile, rehabilitation work continues in the other segment of the Fier Ring, from Sheqi to Patos.

Work is being conducted with high intensity as it is foreseen that, within a week, this second segment of the Fier Ring will be complete and fully opened for the circulation of vehicles.

Minister Gjiknuri emphasized that the Albanian Road Authority has already implemented an intervention plan for the rehabilitation of many road axes considered problematic throughout the country.

According to him, he initially intervened in the axes that were considered to be in states of emergency, while the rest of the intervention will be carried out during September.

Rehabilitation of the Fier Ring is being carried out as part of a joint project with the World Bank on performing road maintenance.