The relationship between Edi Rama and Ilir Meta is already on thin ice, and to ensure there are no significant cracks, the Prime Minister has given the President some additional days, though technically out of time, to declare Sandër Lleshi, because the Prime Minister believes the disapproval is in contradiction of the Constitution.

Rama stressed the fact that the President had not given any reason for Lleshi's non-decree, even reading to the congress the letter that Meta sent on Saturday announcing the decision he had made, after thorough investigations into the figure of Sandër Lleshi.

Rama invited Meta to come to the Assembly to provide the reasons, either with open or closed doors, that he has personally told to the Prime Minister as, according to him, they are ridiculous.

“Meta had almost justified the vote we have given to make him President, but as of Saturday we have had problems with the President and the issues he has created for us in completing our work. 

“Our job is to adopt laws and govern, especially when we have the confidence of 71 mandates.

“We have been entrusted by the Constitution to perform these jobs, despite what trust any individual, including the President, may have in us. Neither he nor anyone else can override the sovereign right that has been given to us.

“Without justification, even the President has no jurisdiction to reject the Prime Minister and Ministers.

“I provided an exemplary proposal for decree as the Minister, and the President has no power to refuse it, in fact, he has the duty to approve it!

“We welcome the President to attend Parliament to explain his reasoning, be it behind closed or open doors.

“We will give additional time to the President to reconsider, before taking on the issue ourselves and proceeding to take the next step,” concluded Edi Rama.