The winter period brings about concerns and attention to the flu and measles in our country. The greatest concern is given to children.

Following the alarming announcement from the Ministry of Health in Macedonia, which announced the epidemic of Measles in the territory of the City of Skopje due to 12 new cases, Albania is starting to take measures.

These measures have been taken first by kindergartens, which have set a written regulation, saying that children who have symptoms of measles or respiratory diseases should not be admitted to these institutions.

The regulation requires daily filtering in each group of children and to have constant communication with the doctor to avoid as much as possible the attendance of infected children at these times. The Pediatric Emergency of the QSUT advised the children can receive services at the health centers.

But what are the counsels that provide the doctors? The pediatrician Bektash Mandri exclaims that populated environments should be avoided.

“I recommend avoiding large centers and to wash hands with soap,” said Bektash Mandri.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Public Health says Albania has not been affected by the measles epidemics.

During the year, many children are monitored and vaccinated, even those who are not on the vaccination schedule.