Yesterday an explosion occurred at approximately 11:30pm at the home of Xhisiela Maloku's grandparents in Larushk of Fushë Kruja. 

Xhisiela Maloku has been thrown into the spotlight after denouncing the son of Socialist MP Rahman Rraja.

Speaking about the incident today, Xhiesiela Maloku made statements from inside a car. Addressing Kruja police, the 25-year-old said the explosion was part of the opposition's political games.

When questioned by Ora News, Xhisiela Maloku said she would now accept the protection order, but did not threatened by the family of her ex-boyfriend Rexhep Rraja, who is currently in prison, but because she feels threatened by the opposition.

“Setting off explosives is quite clear. It was prepared by the Democratic Party and the opposition to attack directly. Only I know the truth. I am not threatened by the Rraja family.

“Until yesterday the "hypothesis" was that I was threatened by the Rraja family, but this is not the case. 

“Actually the first phone call I made after the explosion happened was to a cousin of Rexhep, Ramazan Rraja, who came here and then left. The second was me informing the police.

“I went out and told the truth as it was, they played a political game. I am Xhisiela and I only I know, no one can put up any alterior hypothesis,” said Xhisiela Maloku.

But while the 25-year-old raises charges against the opposition, her grandparents, the house owners, told Ora News that they could not stand to accuse anyone.

“We know nothing, we cannot blame anyone. The event took place around midnight and we were very afraid.

“We went into the yard after the explosion, feeling threatened. We have no idea who could have throw it. We only knew about it when we heard the noise.

“We went outside frightened and saw that they had thrown explosives,” said Xhisiela’s grandmother.

Earlier, Prime Minister Edi Rama targeted the opposition, saying that the explosive in the family residence of Xhisiela Maloku only interested in those who publicly abused.

“The explosion which occurred at Xhisiela’s house is being used by politics. The explosive at Maloku's house is related with those who violated her every day,” said Edi Rama.

The blast occurred shortly before midnight in the yard that Ramë Muça, house yard, the grandfather of Xhisiela, shares with his brother Besim Muça.

The suspicions surrounding the incident include there was only about 100 grams of explosives thrown, not enough to cause damage, only panic. The incident has resulted in renewed interest in what has been the most talked about issue of recent times!

9 people, including four of Rexhep Rraja's relatives, were accompanied and questioned at the police station regarding the explosion, though police are still working to confirm the identity of the true authors.