The Professional Training Center of Elbasan has certified 140 young people in several sectors such as culinary, foreign languages, mechanics, hydraulics and electrical engineering.

The Socialist Party MP for the district of Elbasan, Taulant Balla, states that professional education is one of the major developmental factors for many countries in Europe.

Balla also had good news of an agreement between the professional school in Elbasan and that of Milan.

"Yesterday I had the opportunity to host, in my office in Tirana, representatives of the Confederation of Industries in Milan who are very interested to develop further cooperation with our Elbasan professional school in terms of both the textile industry and fashion design," confirmed Taulant Balla.

A few days ago during the Labor Fair, Prime Minister Edi Rama said that in this district there are over 1500 new jobs, for which he invited citizens to apply.