About 150 students of 9 year education age in the village of Borakaj in Shijak have not yet sat down in their classrooms.

The village school is set to be closed for the second year due to its debilitated state, resulting in the need to develop a teaching second shift at the school in nearby Maminas.

"What is the reason for the school remaining closed? Why did they not reconstruct it? My child is in the first grade, where should I send him now?

"They have told us to go to the school in Maminas, but we have no means by which to send our children there," said one of parents.

Today, students and parents protested in front of the Shijak municipality, seeking the reconstruction of their school, "Adem Sabli".

Parents say they are determined not to send their children to Maminas School, even if their request to save their village school does not get a quick solution.

The school of Maminas is about 5km away.

Last year Borakaj students were transported by buses, but parents show at least two cases where children's lives were endangered by accidents. As such, this new school year, they have unified in their stand to boycotting the education process.

"We do not want to send our children to Maminas because there have been two accidents during transport. Fortunately the two children were spared their lives.

"We are determined not to send them to Maminas anymore. We want our school here," exclaimed one parent.

The most at risk are first grade students, as their parents say they are unable to take and pick up their children every day from school as they are scheduled for afternoon classes.

Despite the protest, the Municipality of Shijak remained silent about the situation. 

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