The World Bank has revised Albania's economic growth for the coming year and the result is not so positive.

At the beginning of every year a report is published outlining projections for the global economy.

In the latest report, the institution foresees Albania growing at a rate of 3.6% for 2018, with a modest increase of 0.1% since the last announcements in June.

Unfortunately, the expectations of the World Bank are pessimistic for the coming years.

For 2019, Albania's economic growth has been revised to a decrease of 0.3%, while for 2020 the forecast remains 3.5% economic growth.

Experts explain this projection with the completion of investments. Expert, Arben Malaj says that many major investments have already been completed in Albania.

"The World Bank warning should be taken seriously" said Arben Malaj.

For the economic expert Selami Xhepa, the World Bank forecasts are more realistic and far from those of the government who declare economic growth of 5%.

"Reforms must be undertaken to absorb more foreign investments" said Selami Xhepa.

Experts suggest that measures must be taken to stimulate economic growth.

According to Selami Xhepa, it is the political climate and significant beaurocracies that must be dealt with that act as the biggest deterrent regarding investors.

He added his recommendations are for the government to deliver on initiatives to reduce bureaucracy.